Specialist Newborn Photography by Melinda Brett

Tips & Tricks

Some tips and tricks to get the best possible images from your newborn session with me:

1. Book during your pregnancy¬†– Newborns are always best photographed within the first ten days of their life, before their skin breaks out in milk spots, they lose their “curled up-ness” and sleepy disposition. But won’t they look better with their eyes open? Well, no! Not usually. Babies’ eyes don’t track or focus properly when they are first born. Quite often they will have one eye open more than the other, eyes looking in different directions and a glazed expression. Throw into the mix that while awake their little arms and fingers tend to flail randomly. Then there’s the fact that newborn babies are normally only awake because they are hungry, windy and/or need a nappy change (ie. they are uncomfortable for one reason or another). Your gurning baby looks cute in motion, but no matter how gorgeous they are, I promise you, 99.9% of the time, a sleepy pose will do your baby better justice than an awake one. ūüėČ

2. A warm environment¬†It’s best to get your daily dose of fresh air before or after my visit. Your photographs will be infinitely better for being able to see more of your baby. Their lovely little arms and legs are more beautiful than any outfit ever made! But your baby has been swimming about for nine months and isn’t keen on the air moving across their skin yet. For this reason, we want windows closed and a nice warm room to make baby feel comfortable and happy.

3. Keep it simple – I will bring along a few bits and bobs that we may use during your session and hopefully you’ll have some ideas for things you’d like to use that are personal to you. Teddy bears are a lovely option, as are little hats, items from your own childhood, a blanket that Nanny knitted especially for the new arrival. I suggest making a little pile of items you’d like to try and we can look at them together to determine what will work well for your portraits. Remember though, the star of the show is your baby, not their babygro, so avoid overpowering logos or pictures on the front of any outfits that will steal focus from the new little soul we are celebrating. I will be there to help you decide so don’t worry if you’re unsure about an item. Pop it on the pile and we’ll work it out together!

4. Toddlers – Naturally, if your baby has an older sibling, you may be keen to try and get an image of them together. I am always keen to help with this and sibling shots are special and important. They aren’t, however, as important as the actual relationship developing between your children, and for this reason, I will always be sensitive to the needs of your young child and never force the issue. Beautiful sibling shots are usually achievable but they are helped enormously by avoiding sugary substances and keeping your sense of humour. Understand that your child may not wish to join in. Sometimes their mind can be changed with an appropriate incentive and sometimes they just need a little time. Let them have it.

5. Relax! Your baby is very sensitive to how you feel and will very often mirror your feelings. If you’re stressed out, they will be stressed out too! If you relax and trust me; they will too. On the day of your session, don’t give a thought to the house or anything else. I don’t give a carrot how I find you so long as you’re smiling! We’re going to have so much fun and capture a really special time in your little person’s life. Relax and enjoy it!