Specialist Newborn Photography by Melinda Brett

2017 Portrait Project

The 2017 Portrait Project is now complete. Thank you to everyone who contributed to it’s success! The information below outlined the terms of the project. I will leave it here on the off chance that I decide to run the project again in the future at some time.

This page is intended for the parents of children currently in Year 2 at Mandeville Primary School. It is for outlining the terms and conditions of my 2017 Portrait Project.

The ultimate goal of this project is to produce a beautiful book of photographic portraits and accompanying text.

The portraits will be of participating children currently in Year 2 at Mandeville Primary School, however, this project is not being run or endorsed by the school. It is a private project being undertaken by Melinda Brett in her capacity as photographer (and fellow school mum!).

Photographic sessions will be arranged ad hoc during the course of the project. There will be no fee charged for the sessions.

The text will be collected via the supplied questionnaire. Either all or some of the child’s responses will be used. If you do not wish for your child’s response to a particular question to be included, please either draw a line clearly through their response (or just don’t write it down!).

You will see there is also the option for the children to provide their “signature” and to draw a self- portrait. All insertions will be at the discretion of Melinda Brett (who will be designing the book).

The book will be an (approximately) A4-sized soft cover book. It will be priced in the region of £15-ish. Participants may purchase as many or as few copies as they prefer and there is no obligation to purchase a book.

Photographs taken during the course of the project may be offered to participants as digital files or prints to be purchased. Prices for these will be made available when (and if) these items become available to purchase. There is no obligation to purchase any prints or digital image files.

The “Portrait Project 2017” Facebook group has been set up for the purpose of co-ordinating and communicating information for the duration of the project. This is a “secret” group and is viewable only by it’s members. Posts and/or images should not be shared outside of this group at any time, for any reason. Participants are expected to respect the privacy of this group.

Information collected within the remit of this project will be shared only as necessary for the progression of the project and will otherwise be kept securely.

In signing the consent form provided, you are agreeing that you understand that it is your responsibility to:

– read through the information supplied here at www.mbphotography.me.uk/2017project and only submit the signed consent form if you are  happy to proceed on the basis of all of the information and statements provided on this page.

– collect and submit your child’s questionnaire responses in a timely fashion,

– ensure reasonable availability for your child to be photographed by Melinda Brett over the course of the project,

– look after the wellbeing of your child and ensure your child is appropriately behaved during photographic sessions,

– respect the privacy of the “Portrait Project 2017” Facebook group.

You are also declaring that you understand and accept that:

– photographs in the book will be accompanied by the children’s names.

– copyright for images is retained exclusively by Melinda Brett.

– Melinda Brett is free to keep or delete the photographs taken within the remit of this project for/at whatever time period she decides.

– to execute the project, third party companies (such as, for example, the book publishing company, online image gallery provider and/or photographic print makers) will need to view and/or handle the photographic images and/or text procured. Melinda Brett bears no responsibility for any issue arising related to third parties (eg. delivery times for books from the publishing company).

– contributions related to your child (including photographs of them, their responses to the questionnaire, their drawings and signatures) may be used in the book being created and may also be made available for you to purchase as prints and/or digital files, should you wish to. Submission of the completed consent form and/or questionnaire implies consent to participate in the project.

– it is inevitable that a greater number of successful images will be made of some children than others. There are no guarantees with respect to the number of images produced of any particular child. Melinda Brett will do her best to capture a worthy image of every child.

– your child’s images may be included in a secure (password protected) online gallery along with other children’s images from the project. The purpose of this gallery being that you may select images to purchase as digital files and/or prints should you wish to, if this option be made available. You will only be able to purchase images featuring your own child.

– Melinda Brett may, at any time, for any reason, reject any person from participating in the project.

– The project is organic in nature and the direction or scope of the project may alter at the discretion of Melinda Brett.

– Melinda Brett is not obligated to see this project through and is not liable in any way for any failure, in whole or in part, to fulfil any obligations whatsoever. She will also not be held responsible or liable for direct or indirect losses of any kind for any reason. Participants enter into this project at their own risk and it is not impossible that their time or other resources may be wasted.

Melinda Brett, endeavours to produce a beautiful keepsake book which all participants will feel is worthwhile and valuable but readily admits to being an imperfect human and fallible and will not be held liable over any errors which may occur during the life of the project or any of the finished products.


If anyone has any questions, please give me a shout! 🙂 xxx

CLICK HERE for a progress report on where we’re at with the project!