Specialist Newborn Photography by Melinda Brett

About Me

Originally from Australia and having recently relocated to Hertfordshire from London, I am currently settling into life in the lovely village of Sawbridgeworth.

I have always loved photographs. My father had the technical interest in photography that many men do: the gadgetry and science of it! My mother’s great love has always been her family and so she avidly photographed and recorded us all for posterity. Myself, I love the art of photography. The way it can make you feel to see a certain expression or story captured.

My own first camera was a point and click delivered by Father Christmas. I would spend all of my pocket money every week on new film cartridges for it.

I studied Photography at Inbarendi College and Barnet College and fashioned my own darkroom in an understairs cupboard at home to process and develop my own work. My passion had always been portraiture but I had never photographed a newborn baby..…. Until I went and made one of my own.

Since then I have photographed hundreds of newborn babies both in a home setting and in hospital. Being a mother myself, I can empathise with what it means to become a parent and I handle and care for every baby the way that I would want someone to handle and care for my own precious little bundle.

You will notice that the people in the images displayed around this website have not been overly “cleaned up” or manipulated.  I will sometimes crop an image if it really needs it or adjust the contrast but really the tweaking ends there wherever possible. If you are looking for an airbrushed jaw line or fancy effects then there are plenty of great photographers out there who will do a fabulous job of this. I prefer to pour my efforts into capturing a relationship, a moment or an expression. Obviously, there is joy to be found in being creative and photography is, after all, an art,… but for the most part I like the whole experience to be as natural and organic as possible. My main aim is a happy baby. Everything else tends to evolve nicely from there!