Specialist Newborn Photography by Melinda Brett

2017 Portrait Project

Having exclusively photographed newborn babies for the past few years, I am now having a go at something new! The 2017 Portrait Project will culminate in a photographic portrait book for the parents of the children in my little boy’s school year. We’re only at the beginning but I am already excited to see the end result!

For those participating in the project, please visit: www.mbphotography.me.uk/2017project

If you’re hoping to have me photograph your newborn baby, please don’t worry!, I’m still doing that too!

January 2017 : Website Updates

A long overdue overhaul of this website is in progress so, if some of the pages look weird and/or awful, this is why. Please ignore the madness, pretend you just haven’t seen it and click around the rest of the site. Some of it is beginning to behave itself nicely! Won’t be long ’til it’s all ship shape again. Make sure to come back and appraise the updates when they’re finished. I hope you’ll be impressed! 🙂